14.07.2013 bis 21.07.2013


A One-week Training in sustainable Development

In the 'Ecovillage of Sieben Linden' many effective ecological solutions in the different sectors as nutrition, housing, energy and water supply, and mobility are beeing used and can be studied on site.

The training comprises theoretical and practical teaching on:

  • creating holistic learning experiences with different methodologies
  • Creating projects for change for active citizenship

  • A full 'Be The Change - Symposium', raising socio-ecological awareness
  • tools of collective creativity such as World Cafe and Open Space
  • energy systems for heat and electricity

  • fresh water and waste water management

  • natural building and strawbale construction

  • shared facilities for mobility.


  • Martin Stengel
  • (overall facilitation; grad. engineer for energy management; Teacher for Education for Sustainable Development(Ecovillage Design Education, workshop design and community building, appropriate technology); certified trainer of the ATD-Symposium; co-founder of the ecovillage of Sieben Linden)
  • Julia Strehler
  • (Co-faciltiation; artist, actor and director; certified trainer of the ATD-Symposium)
  • Peter Gündling
  • (speaker; grad. engineer; interdependent trainer and consultant for sustainability awareness in business and human resource development; director of "Training & Development")
  • Valerie Seitz
  • (Co-facilitation; MSc Architecture; Gaia Action Learning Academy Germany; trainer for "EcoSocial Management & Design","Life Design"and "Permaculture Project Management")


Dieses Seminar liegt in der Vergangenheit.

Informationen zum Seminar


Sunday 14.07. 17-18 h, dinner 18:30 h


Sunday 21.07. 12:30 lunch, afterwards departure

Course fee

670 € (Für TeilnehmerInnen aus Deutschland empfehlen wir die Fördermöglichkeit der Bildungsprämie in Anspruch zu nehmen

Accomodation and Meals

315 €

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