Ecovillage Design Education & Permaculture Design Course

30.08.2013 bis 29.09.2013


The EDE adresses people, that are looking for a meaningful perspective in life and work; specialists, that want to deepen their knowledge; people from developping countries, that are actively working for a change.
Experts will share actual knowledge and insights about the design of sustainable projects from different perspectives. Together we will deepen our perception of a connected world and we will create and start projects for a future worth living.!


Empowering and enabling activists and educators to apply sustainability in their work

Deepening an integral understanding of the current situation of global society

Holistic solutions for sustainable societies from local to international levels

Building learning communities and inviting active citizenship

Personal guidance for individual growth towards leadership for change

Skills for the design and management of projects that foster the transition of society

towards peace and sustainability.


A certified full 72h permaculture design course fulfilling international standards

Integrative design skills in four areas of sustainability

Knowledge for building resilience and embracing complexity

Basic tools for setting up EDE-courses in your region

Personal coaching and empowerment

A network of supportive relationships


Through the Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Programme of the

EU you can receive stipends covering nearly all costs for your

participation ! Applications accepted until 16 January 2013


  • Martin Stengel
  • (Grad. Engineer for energy management; international teacher for education for sustainability, community building and appropriate technology; co-founder and co-designer of the ecovillage of Sieben Linden)
  • Kosha Anja Joubert
  • (MSc Organisational Development; overall facilitation of this course; co-developed the EDE-Curriculum; international teacher for community building and design of sustainable projects; author on community building and collective wisdom; president of Global Ecovillage Network International, Findhorn)
  • Eva Stützel
  • (psychologist with specialisation in organisational development; co-founder of Sieben Linden Ecovillage and is working as a coach for individuals and groups who want to realise their dreams)
  • Rike Oehmisch
  • (Permaculture-Designer)
  • Robin Alfred
  • (Coach and Designer)


Dieses Seminar liegt in der Vergangenheit.

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Course fee

1225 € (bursaries for young people and people from developping countries)

Food and Accomodation

1320 € in single and double rooms; 1020 € in dorm; 930 € in your own tent.

Application for participation

please see:

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