Junge Leute erleben Sieben Linden - Experience Sieben Linden for young people


Experience Sieben Linden for young people

We are the „JuLe's“ (stands for young people), and we invite you joyfully to visit the ecovillage Sieben Linden, Germany! And we are especially happy about welcoming people from abroad!

The seminar will be held in English, so you will have the chance to practise English communication including hands and feet. Accomodation will be in your own tent, on the campingside, where we also prepare healthy, vegan organic meals. Your bathroom is composed of outdoor shower and compost toilet.

We will be guiding you through the ecovillage, and we will be getting different inputs from residents of the ecovillage. And – last but not least – we will invite you to our „JuLe's“ place, this is were we live together, in caravans and in a small strawbale house. On our „JuLe's“ place we will be doing practical work and take care of our beautiful garden.

While we will singing and playing guitar at the campfire we talk about the world and what we need for a satisfied life for all humans in the world of tomorrow. What can youth people do in comunity and why we are so important for the lived revolution of a ecological lifestyle? There is space for such exiting topics and ideas for a peacefull future.

Age limit: 16 – 27 years.

For people interested in the seminar, which are from abroad: If your income is very little, we offer – by arrangement – places at no charge. Please don't hesitate to ask!

Voices from past participants:

„I have experienced feelings I am not used to. I've discovered myself talking about my life very openly. Also I've achived to have confidence with people I didn't know from very quickly“ (2014)

"Was mir besonders gefallen hat? „Der Gemeinschaftsfindungsprozess in der Gruppe und was das mit mir gemacht hat. Aus der Stadt und meinen Gewohnheiten raus zu kommen, mehr Raum zu haben, zu Sein, all die spannenden Kontakte, mich mehr zu spüren“ (2014)

„Natur pur, viel draußen sein, lustige-nette Truppe, offene, liebenswerte FÖJler,

Spontanität, Freiheit“ (2015)



Dieses Seminar liegt in der Vergangenheit.

Informationen zum Seminar


Anmeldung ist nur noch auf der Warteliste möglich. Eine Alternative ist der Junge-Leute-Kreis auf dem Sommercamp.
The event has already been booked.



Saturday, between 17:00 and 18:00, dinner is at 18:30


Friday, 11:00

Course fee

50,00 EUR


Bring your own tent

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