Practical knowledge for a sustainable lifestyle

09.06.2013 bis 16.06.2013


This workshop emphasizes on basic sustainability techniques and the practicability of their implementation in your life.

There is no single solution to make life more sustainable, it is the sum of our habits and activities. Therefore the topics range from food and diet, wild herbs, housing, gardening, energy consumption, composting, recycling, permaculture, community and citizen action to creativity and arts.

We all are going to share our unique personal experiences and knowledge with each other. Our different cultural backgrounds will broaden our understanding of each other and the world we all share, especially with future generations.

In Sieben Linden we aim to ‘walk our talk‘ and we will share our experiences first hand with you. You will play an active part in this process. There will be very little lectures as such but rather practical work, creativity, knowledge exchange, play and sharings – all hands on and low-tech.

The workshop aims at everyone who wants to actively take a more conscious approach to their environmental impact and their own ecological footprint. No special skills or knowledge required. Everyone older than 18 years can participate.


  • Jörg Zimmermann
  • (ecological gardener, wildherbexpert, rawfood-practitioner, Sieben Linden)
  • Julia Kommerell
  • (artist, rawfood-preparator, Dragon Dreaming Project-Design-Trainer, Sieben Linden)


Dieses Seminar liegt in der Vergangenheit.

Informationen zum Seminar


Es sind noch wenige Plätze frei für TeilnehmerInnen aus Deutschland.



Sunday 09.06. 17-18 h, dinner 18:15 h


Sunday 16.06. 12:30 lunch, afterwards departure


All costs for this workshop are covered by an EU grant. People from Germany have to pay their travel costs and 420 Eur for food and accomodation.

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