Training for Youth and Youth Workers on sustainability in action


Let’s co-create sustainable world!

We believe that youth are acutely aware that the current system is not working and that we need alternatives. If you are:
1. Youth interested in sustainable lifestyle and want to learn more.
2. Youth worker or in any other way working with groups and want to learn more about educational tools for teaching sustainability.
If so, then this training is for you!

Ever wondered how to put sustainability in practice and how to inspire others to do the same? Join us in this training  event, where we will try out different activities designed to instigate real tangible change and raise awareness on the whole spectrum of holistic sustainability. The activities will be part of our online course aiming to inspire thousands of youth all over Europe to transition to a more sustainable society. Together we will test, develop and co-create the activities to ensure the highest possible quality of our course content. Therefore your input and active participation is invaluable! The event will be held in the ecovillage Sieben Linden, in itself a wonderful example of sustainability in action.


  • Nonty Ntokozo Charity Sabic
  • -South African living in ecovillage Arterra in Spain, Sangoma/Shaman initiated in the ancestral traditions of her tribe, Reiki Master, Color and Body Therapist, studied Buddhism, trained as a hospice counsellor, involved with the Global Ecovillage Network GEN


Dieses Seminar liegt in der Vergangenheit.

Informationen zum Seminar


friday 04th december 17:00 , 18:00 dinner


tuesday 08th december 13:00 lunch afterwards departure, or stay for networking until 08th december

full board (biological)

90,00 EUR for 4 days (departure tuesday)


in the seminar room or multishared rooms, bring mats, sleeping bags

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